So Your Brief Says “Influencer Marketing.” Now What?

A hot ????, perhaps not so hot, take – influencer marketing should be more than just product reviews. It’s not enough to say some nice words about a brand and expect purchases or participation to follow. If you’re paying attention, our feeds are being bombarded with a slew of new products and services incubated over the last 2 years and change.

That’s all to say, influence is still ✨alive✨ and kicking. But the key ???? is how you use it. Don’t just go for the post, go for the experience. Create a house party ????, stream on Instagram Live ????, host a Clubhouse Q/A ????‍♀️ (a controversy for another time). Bottom line, consumers are looking to connect and make up their own minds. So let influence be the invitation to participate and get a taste of what your brand has to offer ????. Let your influencers become true ambassadors for your product experience, and let your prospective consumers get a feel for who you really are, behind the logo.