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Rudy called Thomas to tell him that they had a choice – find new jobs or start their own agency. Having been in the industry for over a decade, and having witnessed the lack of flexibility and adaptability from larger agencies to service new brands, platforms, and related consumer behavior, the choice was simple. They had something different to offer – “Let’s go for it.”


The fulfillment of a need neither founder could fully put into words, but ultimately felt in their bones. As queer men, they both yearned for a microphone for their “otherness” – a space where choosing to operate differently, questioning the straight and narrow, and digging beneath the surface would be encouraged – even celebrated. And perhaps would lead to the best work of their lives, and the lives of their coworkers.


SocialQ’s mission has and always will be to resonate – ensuring everyone involved – from client, to employee, to consumer – feels understood. Championing the feeling of being seen, truly seen for all that you are, regardless of how you identify or how others define you. Bringing social cues back into social and a responsibility back into digital.

Q&Me - Happy (Year Long) Pride

When #PrideMonth comes to an end, what remains is resonance.

Regardless of how you identify or what industry you operate in, pushing past the status quo and digging deeper to uncover what brings us together and makes us all feel included is a choice we can make 24/7/365 🌈

It’s on all of us to bring an ethos that enables and celebrates authenticity. And as a marketing agency, we’re happy to lead the charge 💪

Check out our audio stories below covering topics around visibility, community, and impact.

Happy Pride to all! 🥳


Rudy on Year Long Pride


Nimmi on Representation in Media

Austin on Coming Out

Mathew on Inclusive Storytelling


Colin on Strength in Solidarity

Hermes on Safe Spaces & Social Connection

Rudy on Chosen Family & Intersectionality

May on Allyship


Sweta on Change-Makers

Caroline on Organizations

Chris on Businesses

Thomas on Progress

Meet the Qore Team

Like all great TV-shows, each new season of SocialQ brings something new – opportunities for learning, growth, and resonance. All made possible by our award-winning cast of Qs across account, delivery, media, and creative, along with our extended network of talent across every digital media skillset. Together, we bring outside expertise and experience, operating as your in-house partners.

The QLeads

TLDR: queer at heart, questioning by nature, and breaking the status quo of digital marketing.

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Status Quo breakers. Strategic dream makers. Creative movers and shakers. Come resonate with us.


Francis’ passion for social media is rooted in a love for concepting and creating original text, photo, and video content. To her, social media isn’t just about the work, it’s about the lifestyle and creativity that comes along with it. It also plays into many of her personal pastimes – including all things pop culture. When she’s not engaging on social, you can find Francis at the latest and greatest restaurants in NYC, often with her two pups – Milo & Lilou.

Existing at the cutting edge of the cultural zeitgeist, Caroline deeply understands digital and social culture and how to authentically and sensitively work within it whilst maintaining brand safety standards. Her passion for influencer marketing and brand collaboration fuels her unique perspective on the power and potential of social media, and has driven her work for clients such as Saks off 5th, Pandora, and Brixton. When she’s not negotiating partnership deals for SocialQ clients, you can find Caroline enjoying yoga and live music. 

As a motion designer, Mathew (aka Martini) is driven by the ever-changing landscape of design in the digital realm and its potential. Raised in Montana and now based in LA, Mathew brings a multimedia approach to his work, leveraging everything from his personal passion for music and sound design, to his strong knowlege of D2C creative that converts, and his innate understanding of movement that feels “”just right.”” He aims to please that part of everyone’s brain that just loves good design.

Chris brings a strong background in paid campaign building and optimization, having supported clients across industries, such as Zulily, Pfizer, and Assurance Insurance. As SocialQ’s Media Manager focused in platform, Chris’ 15+ years of expertise traverses the entire funnel – from performance focused campaigns, to social media marketing, to generating brand awareness, and defining content creation for performance. His approach is grounded in data analysis and tools to determine the best combination of parameters to reach his clients’ KPIs. When he’s not mastering ads manager, you can find Chris enjoying his self-proclaimed cinephile status, gaming, or hiking.
As metric-focused Head of Growth, Ivan brings 13+ years of experience and expertise across Digital Acquisition strategy, Marketing Analysis, Customer Experience (CX), Conversion Rate Optimization, and Creative Direction. Specializing in calculated campaign execution against goal-driven business objectives, he has managed large-scale digital projects and teams for the likes of Million Dollar Listing NYC, Lin-Manual Miranda, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, SpaceX, and Corcoran. When he’s not crushing KPIs, you can find Ivan flexing his creativity – writing music and making art.
With a dynamic background in content marketing and digital strategy, Colin has managed and directed creative-driven campaigns across the hospitality, arts & culture, real estate, non-profit, and e-commerce industries for over 8 years. His previous clients include the likes of Jean-Georges Restaurants, The Metropolitan Opera, Foster + Partners and charity: water to name a few. His knack for delivering strategic creative excellence is rooted in his passion for ideating visually driven, inclusive digital marketing campaigns, leveraging cross departmental collaboration and learnings. When he’s not concepting, you can find Colin enjoying activities like running, yoga, cooking, adventuring around the city with his boyfriend, and going out to dance.
Austin’s advertising career started in 2011 with a move to New York City. 11+ years later, his breadth of experiences range from Havas Lynx, VML, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, POSSIBLE, iCrossing, Giant Spoon, and now SocialQ. As Delivery Lead, Austin brings a strong account and project expertise that traverses a number of noteworthy projects across clients in the mental health, beauty, retail, CPG, pharmaceutical, and animal welfare industries, to name a few. Initiatives he has managed with teammates and executive leadership range in scope from social media documentary-style vignettes to animated videos to full site redesigns encompassing UX and content strategy to an original branded podcast. Outside of work, Austin enjoys yoga and being in recovery.
As Content Lead, Sweta’s wide range and depth of experience allows her to confidently execute design from concept to in market. She brings over 20 years of creative expertise across everything from experiential design, to user experience, to branding, informing her ability to dig deeper to understand a brand’s reason for being, and bring that to life through color, typography, graphics, and visuals. Her keen design aesthetic and creative direction has driven forward brands such as Taco Bell, Keds, Microsoft, Dell, Neutrogena, Coke, Keihls, and Samsung, to name a few. When she’s not leading design, you can find her enjoying sunsets on the beach with her sketch book.
Thomas’ passion for strategy comes from a deep empathy and curiosity for how people think and interact. With over 10 years of hybrid strategy and account experience across brands like Spotify, Coca-Cola, Adobe, P&G, and countless start-ups across D2C, Thomas understands the 360 ecosystem and operations approach it takes to resonate and reach today’s consumer.
Hybrid strategist and execution leader, Rudy is passionate about empowering Brands, Clients and Teams to generate genuine advocacy through the integrated approach of a “social media led but not digitally limited” ecosystem. Born in Mexico, raised in France, and expatriated to NYC, he has over 15 years of experience in advertising servicing global brands such as Coca-Cola, GM/BUICK, AT&T, Microsoft, Adobe and SWAROVSKI.