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Rudy called Thomas to tell him that they had a choice – find new jobs or start their own agency. Having been in the industry for over a decade, and having witnessed the lack of flexibility and adaptability from larger agencies to service new brands, platforms, and related consumer behavior, the choice was simple. They had something different to offer – “Let’s go for it.”


The fulfillment of a need neither founder could fully put into words, but ultimately felt in their bones. As queer men, they both yearned for a microphone for their “otherness” – a space where choosing to operate differently, questioning the straight and narrow, and digging beneath the surface would be encouraged – even celebrated. And perhaps would lead to the best work of their lives, and the lives of their coworkers.


SocialQ’s mission has and always will be to resonate – ensuring everyone involved – from client, to employee, to consumer – feels understood. Championing the feeling of being seen, truly seen for all that you are, regardless of how you identify or how others define you. Bringing social cues back into social and a responsibility back into digital.

Meet the Qore Team

Like all great TV-shows, each new season of SocialQ brings something new – opportunities for learning, growth, and resonance. All made possible by our award-winning cast of Qs across account, delivery, media, and creative.

TLDR: queer at heart, questioning by nature, and breaking the status quo of digital marketing.

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Status Quo breakers. Strategic dream makers. Creative movers and shakers. Come resonate with us.

Digital Project Manager (Delivery Manager)

As SocialQ’s Senior Digital Account & Delivery Manager you wear many hats: You ensure that SocialQ’s servicing meets operational requirements. This includes leading and managing internal and external relationships.

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Senior Social Media Manager

SocialQ is looking for a Senior Social Media Manager who will be responsible for strategy, execution, and reporting across all organic Social Media Channels (FB, IG, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.) for our clients.

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Social Media Coordinator

Are you passionate about social media and learning in a fast-paced environment? Are you looking for a workplace that openly welcomes diverse and intersectional identities? Are you someone who can describe your own social media presence in three words?

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