Our Story.

Queer at heart. Questioning by nature. Breaking the status quo.

It Was a Sunny Day in Summer 2018 ☀️

Rudy called Thomas to tell him that they had a choice – find new jobs or start their own agency. Having been in the industry for over a decade, and having witnessed the lack of flexibility and adaptability from larger agencies to service new brands, platforms, and related consumer behavior, the choice was simple. They had something different to offer – “Let’s go for it.”


The fulfillment of a need neither founder could fully put into words, but ultimately felt in their bones. As queer men, they both yearned for a microphone for their “otherness” – a space where choosing to operate differently, questioning the straight and narrow, and digging beneath the surface would be encouraged – even celebrated. And perhaps would lead to the best work of their lives, and the lives of their coworkers.


SocialQ’s mission has and always will be to resonate – ensuring everyone involved – from client, to employee, to consumer – feels understood. Championing the feeling of being seen, truly seen for all that you are, regardless of how you identify or how others define you. Bringing social cues back into social and a responsibility back into digital.

Growing up as a gay expatriate and

bullied teenager, I promised to utilize

every opportunity to empower those

that have felt like I have. SocialQ is

now their microphone.

– Rudy Balat, CEO & Founder

Meet the Core Team

Think you have what it takes to be a Qtie?

Senior Media Buyer

March 8 2024

As Senior Media Buyer & Strategist, you will plan, optimize, and report on paid advertising campaigns for a variety of e-commerce brands. This is a freelance-to-perm position hiring in Los Angeles.

Content Coordinator

March 8 2024

As a Graphic Designer, you’ll inspire customers through visually compelling content strategy and design across site, email, and social. This is a freelance-to-perm position hiring in Los Angeles.

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