Why is Motion Design Queen ?????

It’s officially a new year 🎊, and roughly around the time we start asking ourselves pivotal life questions. Like, what’s next? Or what’s important? Or can we ever sit still?!

The answer to that last question is an emphatic “NO,” and also the core of our latest Feed for Thought – Why is motion design queen 👑?

Part of the answer is ingrained in our DNA. Motion awareness is hardwired into our 🧠’s from evolution, harking back to days when the difference between survival and being dinner was our literal ability to see predators coming. And while circumstances have certainly changed, our keen attention to things that move is ever-present and ever-evolving.

From a brand perspective, ⚡️motion⚡️ is dimension. Whereas 2D design can establish character, motion design creates identity – a story📚, an elaboration that allows one brand to be playful, and another to be dramatic 🎭.

Not only do static images just not cut it in this context; they get lost in a sea of multiple devices and experiences. And this is only going to continue to be the case as the world of AR takes form. Instead of scanning QR codes for menus, we’ll be virtually swiping through them in front of our faces.

But enough conjecture. If we think about the here and now, the addition of movement, whether subtle or bold, can be the difference between customer affinity and being completely overlooked. So make sure you don’t lose out, and make your message move🏃‍♂️.