The Brand.

Coucou is a French educational and cultural company on a mission to redefine language learning and bring French cultural experiences to the masses. Based in New York and Los Angeles, and offering classes, workshops, and events both in-person and online to students of all levels, Coucou’s unique teaching methods are rooted in a passion for both language and culture. Opting for an experience beyond rote memorization, Coucou’s native speaking teachers focus on fostering a strong sense of community and true cultural immersion amongst it’s students, for a truly well-rounded and impactful language learning experience.

The Situation.

Coucou was in search of a marketing partner to assess their existing ecosystem and identify areas of opportunity to refine strategy and execution, and scale awareness and revenue; all the while making sense of how best to communicate to new and existing users across their different offerings.


Media Strategy & Creative

Media Buying & Reporting

Email CRM Marketing

SEO & Website Support

Strategic Consultation

Brand Stewardship

The Solution.

Our work with Coucou has been an exploration in defining a flexible, truly in-house partnership and connection. With continually emerging needs and opportunities across the funnel, our first step was to establish a omnichannel paid media funnel, testing across Meta, Google, and TikTok, to effectively scale purchase. This required a deep immersion and understanding of Coucou’s unique brand and teaching method, combined with ongoing education around strategy and tactics for building ROAS. From there, our focus has expanded to include other touch points that fuel the overall purchase journey – including Hubspot email, SEO, and website CRO and consultation. Throughout our time together, we’ve organically navigated across most if not all marketing touch points to impact strategy and output.

2023 Snapshot of Performance:





(As high as 7.5X)



(As high as 22%)