The Brand.

Kabbalah ONE is the first ever digital course release by the Kabbalah Centre. This 10 hour intro course empowers the spiritually curious to tap into their next level of personal growth, on-demand and on-the-go. The Kabbalah ONE curriculum gives you the practical tools to navigate everyday challenges, define what you really desire, and create lasting relationships.

The Situation.

Implement a new digital product launch from digital branding to paid content suite execution, while both educating and converting new users about a kabbalsitic practice and the Kabbalah ONE course.


Brand Identity

Web Design

Paid Content Suite

Organic Social Presence

Influencer Campaign


Email Marketing

Media Strategy

Media Buying

The Solution.

BRANDING. Building a modern and inspirational brand look-tone-feel across all digital platforms and outlets.

PRESENCE. Create an organic and paid content suite across Instagram and Facebook to promote outreach and credential the brand a product. Additionally elevate campaigns with landing page optimizations, email drip strategy, and Influencer campaigns.

REACH. Drive users through a full-funnel approach from discovery to signing up for the full course through hyper-segmenting by AI and data-driven interest groups.