Cookie Deprecation: What to Know & How to Prep

Much can be said about the deprecation of third party cookies 🍪

It’s been a threat on the horizon for a while but it appears Google is officially putting their money where their mouth is. Or is that our mouth? Not sure, because cookies are on the brain 🤤

Regardless, these bite sized, delicious morsels of customer data are about to go kaput. Just like this cookie we just ate. So if you’re paying attention, it’s time to shift your energy ⚡️

✅ Put more emphasis on brand equity

✅ Revisit and refresh content strategy

✅ Focus on customer first CX across channels

Creative will need to meet Data at least halfway to make a dent – so get going. Ready. Get Set. Bake! Not sure if that analogy works here, but we’ve always wanted to say it 😉

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