What’s in store for 2024?

What’s in store for the Q’s in 2024? (rhyme intended)

✨ There is no one-size-fits-all 👎 So while being omni-channel is still important, we’re seeing more selectiveness in channel strategy as key 🧐

✨ User-generated-content is 👑 and will continue to be so. In fact, let’s bring customers closer 🤝 We want feedback, we want reviews, we want to give them something to advocate for.

✨ Treat yo-self 2024 🎶 Who doesn’t want more ways to shop, seamlessly? Social e-commerce stores will be live and they will thrive 🛍️

✨ As 🍪 continue to go away, slowly, the need to pay attention to customer attention is worth our collection attention 🤯 We know, it’s a lot, but anything we can do to understand user behavior is worth it.

✨ The robots are here to stay 🤖 So let’s leverage them effectively – from supercharging brainstorms to creating timely connections through predicting moments 🔮 A little AI with human 👀 is the future.

✨ As marketers and as humans, kindness, attentiveness, and empathy never go out of style ❤️ Don’t call it a resolution, call it a requirement.

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