Great Leaders are Great Human

Before becoming a great leader, be a good human 🙏

That’s why we looked to our good friend, Sofia Hernandez (@sofia_sonotthejoneses), for this month’s #MindYourSocialQs 💛

Aside from her role as Global Head of Business Marketing for TikTok, Sofia is an activist at her core. She recognizes her role as part of the 1% of Latina Executives in Tech and is committed to fostering inclusion in the tech industry by incorporating DEI into everything she touches. Sofia is a passionate advocate for social justice and co-founded a unique apparel line, Black on Black BK, that’s dedicated to spreading messages of equality and empowerment 🙌

At its simplest and truest thought, being a leader is being you. Being human. People respond to that. They connect with you and they trust you when you’re being the best version of you. That’s what inspires them 💡

We are all human — we have different hopes, dreams, abilities, and perspectives. We’re all unique in our own unique way 🌈 Let’s honor and celebrate that!