The AI Revolution – Good or Evil?

Jury’s still out as to whether this tool is for good or evil. One might argue that the choice is in the hands of the users – namely us. But for anyone worried that this is the start of the end – let us reassure you that humanity is still very much alive and kicking 💪


First things first – ChatGPT is a tool, operating off a finite amount of data, which in and of itself is inherently biased and not all-encompassing. So while shortening the time between questions and answers will inevitably lead to more efficiency (and yes some infrastructural changes to the workforce), an answer from an AI is only helpful insofar as it’s assessed in context, vetted, and more often than not, adjusted 🤔


Solutions to prompts are just a part of the equation. What ChatGPT continues to lack – and always will – is an ability to consider context and emotion. It may spark creativity, but it cannot replace creativity itself. It might lay out a roadmap, but as marketers, creative and strategic professionals, we must still traverse it. And along that journey, there will continue to be twists and turns that require us to be nimble, to pivot, and to adjust our frame of reference ⏎


Solutions don’t equal substance 📣 So if you’re scared of being replaced, remember that you can still be the person in the room that questions the output of a technology that could very easily lead to a miss in your email, your landing page, or even your whole campaign creative idea. 


Fingers crossed, the AI revolution will never replace the work it takes to truly resonate 🤞