Hang On Threads

In all (un)seriousness, we’re on Threads 😝

Like a number of you, we made the plunge and are starting to explore, engage, and assess with cautious optimism. And so far, we’re not mad!

For marketers, a new social platform can spur existential questions like “where does this fit in my overall strategy?” and “how do I measure the ROI?” 

Believe us, we’ve experienced all 5 stages of taking on another channel. And we’re here in solidarity to give you permission to breathe. Ultimately, as a brand or individual, you’ll find the harmony you desire between all your social channels later down the line. For right now, your focus should be on getting the lay of the land 🌎

As more users embrace Threads (ourselves included 😉), we may witness a transformation in how we interact, connect, and find value on social. So the only thing we know for certain is the landscape is evolving. And isn’t that always the case?! Stay nimble friends. 

Here are our favorite ways that Threads aims to enable meaningful conversations and authentic connections amongst its users 🫶

🪡 Removing the pressure of “popularity metrics”

🪡 Providing much needed relief from the toxic and politicized Twitter-sphere

🪡 Remaining truly organic for now – no paid media ads

🪡 Placing power back in the hands of its users to communicate and become niche experts

Hang with us on Threads here 🧵