It’s About The Journey

And no journey is one size fits all. So pay attention to all the steps in yours, and their different iterations for your different customer personas.

While your end goal may be a purchase or a lead, there are plenty of steps that will take place before that happens. Cost per acquisition (#CPA) shouldn’t be the only key performance indicator (#KPI) worth your time.

🙋‍♂️ Audience metrics like Reach and cost-per-impression (#CPM) will help you understand how expensive, and therefore difficult it might be to reach your target audience at any given time

✅ Click metrics like cost-per-click (#CPC) and click-through-rate (#CTR) are a good measure for whether your content and copy is resonating

🌐 Website metrics like bounce rate, pages-per-session, and average session duration all indicate the extent to which your target audience is demonstrating a practical level of intent and engagement with your brand and product

🛒 Cart metrics like add-to-cart Rate and cost-per-add-to-cart are strong indicators of purchase intent and price sensitivity that can impact your merchandising strategy

As marketers, every stop along the way has something to teach us. So invest in your data, heed the signs, and make decisions accordingly. The more you do so, the more people will reach your end destination.