2023 Design Trends

To be a trendsetter, or a trend follower? This is a question worth asking when it comes to design and messaging. Keeping in mind, there is also the third option of ignoring trends altogether, but that’s not something we would generally recommend 😉

We live in a world ruled by “what’s trending.” So even if you’re not the one setting the world ablaze with virality, paying attention to it can help you tap into reach and performance you might of otherwise missed 😲

Strategic, intentional design requires an attention to what is trending and shaping the zeitgeist. Resonating requires putting trends in the context of a gut understanding of what aligns with your brand and a testing framework of seeing what works for your audience 🤝

So depending on your goal and your willingness to flex your brand standards, jumping into the trending conversation won’t hurt you. Just make sure there is someone in the decision room ensuring you won’t break. No tone-deafness in 2023, please 👏