Marketing Acronyms: Love Them or Hate Them

No one loves coining a new term quite like a marketer 😅 Do you agree?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a fan of the 3 letter acronym ourselves. But if we’re keeping it real, what we get back in terms of internal productivity, we can lose out on in external relatability and performance ⚠️

Simply put, it’s hard to tell a story when jargon bleeds into your marketing itself, let alone your brand. 

At best, you’re leaving your client confused by what you’re saying 🤔 At worst, you’re giving them a reason to disregard you and any buzzwords they’re now anticipating ✌️

So, don’t be about the buzz. Be about the substance and the result. Lead with human-speak and educate on the terms that matter (because they do). The ones that will help your clients be more informed partners and decision makers 🤝

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