Organic & Paid – The Dynamic Duo

What seems like history at this point, organic social was initially conceived as just that – a space for organic connection, conversation, and community — anyone remember Tom from MySpace? 😆 Meanwhile, the last 7 years have officially solidified paid (or #sponsored) content as essential for generating brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and influencing purchase decisions.

So while some prefer paid, and others prefer organic, we’re here to confirm – they’re better together. That’s right. Blending both organic and paid into your social media marketing strategy will 💗 create resonance 💗

1️⃣ If your organic social content is doing really well, it just makes sense to try and get it in front of as many people as possible 🙋‍♀️ Promoting content that is naturally engaging increases reach, generates greater engagement, and most of all leads to deeper insights 🤓

2️⃣ Taking it a step further, consider what your organic audience is saying, and let that influence your split testing, A/B testing if you’re fancy 💅 Run slight changes in design and messaging against each other to determine what specifically will influence your target customer to act.

3️⃣ Most of all, make sure you actively seek out feedback from your organic following to influence your paid tactics and targeting, and distill insights from paid campaigns to inform organic social posts and community engagement ☯️

Work smarter, not harder. 👏