Optimizing Social – The Latest & Greatest

From the continued meteoric rise of TikTok to the unforeseen resurrection of the QR code, keeping up with the Joneses on social media will help you avoid that inevitable shock. You know it well: “What did Meta do now?! 😩 “

The only constant in social media is that it’s not constant. 🔄 So while we’re all holding on for dear life, we thought we’d give you a lifeline with some of the latest, most important industry shifts at play:

✔️ Less emphasis on the “feed” – we can all agree that the ~aesthetic~ on social media is changing. In 2022, authentic reality is EVERYTHING. Picture-perfect setups and filters are out, and unedited photo dumps are in. 📸 Not to mention, rumor has it Instagram (Meta) is testing removing post dates and reordering our feeds at random. Joy! 😅

✔️ Video video video! – easily digestible snippets of content are your way in to grabbing users’ attention. Videos should find that sweet spot between long enough to relay your message or CTA, but short enough to leave them wanting more. 📹 And don’t forget, the first 3-4 seconds are the most important, so get your brand or product name in from the get.

✔️ Be selective with hashtags – did you know that the hashtag has been around for more than a decade? 🤯 While the hashtag lives on, using them doesn’t guarantee more eyes on your content because of the sheer amount that’s out there. That means less is more – be selective in what you use, and mix them up. #️⃣

✔️ Pay attention to optimal posting times – yes, posting time still matters ⏰. By closely monitoring your platforms’ analytics, you’ll see trends in when your audience is most engaged. And better yet, what they’re engaging with. This means different content pillars can follow different posting times for maximum engagement. 📈

✔️ Targeted reach is everything – You can follow all the trends above, and your audience may still not see your content. Curse the algorithm! 🤬 But fret not – targeted post boosting is a guaranteed way to reach your users and bring them to your brand. We recommend boosting anything with a clear CTA or sell to dramatically increase engagement and potential ROI 🚀