So You Want To TikTok? Here’s Were You Should Start.

Rounding out 2021, Tiktok saw over 1 billion active users per month. If we weren’t sure going into 2021, we can be certain going into 2022 that TikTok is here to stay. 📱

So how does your brand begin to merge into a space that’s already crowded with millions of hours of content? We’re here to help you navigate that decision. 👇

When it comes to TikTok, it’s important to keep in mind three things – community, entertainment, and commerce.

Community – To discover where your brand fits in on Tiktok, market research is a must. You’ll need to figure out what market you belong in, what trends you could become a part of, and how you can offer your unique brand voice to better the community. Once you’ve found your niche, begin engaging! Brand trust is everything on Tiktok, so get involved! 🎶

Entertainment – Authenticity speaks for itself on Tiktok, however with so many creative ideas already out there, it’s okay to get involved in a trend that already exists. With that being said, a great rule of thumb is making sure you’re showing up on the platform the way a creator would. When creating Tiktok content, make sure it feels organic and authentic to the Tiktok platform. 💯

Commerce – So you’ve established your brand within the Tiktok community, you have general awareness from users, and engagement is going great. At this point, you’re ready to enter the commerce side of Tiktok. The most important thing to keep in mind is that “normal” ads won’t cut it on this platform. They need to feel genuine, whether you’re working with an influencer or just placing ads on a general page. Also, make sure to give yourself the budget and time to test. You might discover that what you were trying to achieve isn’t going as planned, but you’re able to achieve other KPIs instead.

In summary, every brand has a place on the Tiktok platform. It takes time to find your community and what kind of content they consume, but once you’ve unlocked these factors, your brand is ready to take off on the platform. 👍