Tackling the Unknown with iOS 14

If you’re a digital media marketer, you probably already know we’ve reached a fork in the road: iOS14, and its major privacy regulations, are upon us. ???????? While some grey area as to the impact still remains, agencies and brands alike are facing a critical choice in which path to take when approaching this update: Go left ???? and cash out. ❌ On this path, you choose to succumb to the uncertainty and turn off iOS 14 campaigns and targeting. Saving money might look nice, but it’s the calm before the storm. You’re ultimately pulling yourself away from a fruitful audience – who, let’s face it, are still buying & seeking out brands. Your measurement might be accurate, but your bottom line will suffer – and that mights for an uncertain future. Go right ???? and invest. ✅ Changing your KPI focus is never easy, but investing in your brand presence and awareness has benefits beyond direct attribution. Think of this path as strengthening your foundation and staying top of mind, deepening the full stack, direct and indirect attribution, and taking the time to understand data at all touch points. You may not see every customer, but they’ll see you, or hear about you from a friend…of a friend…of a friend. Which will eventually grow, along with your brand. ???? When push comes to shove, go through the fog now. Tracking is only going to get worse and data more nebulous. But consumers will still be purchasing. Deciding where to put your dollars will be about more than just what you can see directly in front of you. ????