Believe In Your Ethos

Hot take: a brand without substance is a brand destined to fail 😱

As a boutique ad agency that works with a lot of small to mid-size companies, we know a thing or two about investing in what you stand for 🤗

One of the first things we consider in any new business venture is the founder. Their story, their motivation, their personality, and most of all, their ethos 🔥

Popular brands are a dime a dozen, and a shining light will fade when the people behind it lose faith. So before you create something shiny, or make a ton of changes based on data, make sure you’re reacting to something that is grounded in beliefs and aspirations you are 150% behind 💯

Your ethos is your secret weapon. Your undying belief that what you have to offer is of value, and relevant for who you are trying to reach. So don’t sacrifice it. Instead, lift it up. And the rest will follow 👏