4 Essentials for E-commerce Success

📣 Attention small business community 📣

If you’re looking to scale your e-commerce business, here are 4 essential components of any successful digital marketing set up.

📧 Baseline Nurturing Flows – don’t start marketing until you have at least an engaging welcome series that offers users insight into your brand and a compelling abandoned cart flow that will help nurture users to convert. Both are expected and critical for speaking to potential customers at either end of the funnel. Remember, for the majority of your customers, you’ll be in it for the long game, so take advantage of every opportunity to speak to them.

💻 CRO Optimized Product Pages – your website will never be completely done, but there are essential elements that will make conversion more palatable to new and even returning customers. Check your page load time – no one likes a slow site. Move through the checkout experience from start to finish – is there any friction? Are there any roadblocks? Consider how you can make your shopping experience more seamless and justified – whether through reviews and added value like upsell or cross-sell offers.


🎯 Efficient & Effective Tracking – there are many ways to hack tracking in a post iOS14 world with increasing privacy concerns. Net net, our recommendation will be to invest time in a centralized solution that fires the tags you want, per the channels you’re leveraging, against the specific actions you desire to understand across any given customer’s user journey. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is our personal go-to, and will set you up for success as you continue to expand both your business and your marketing ecosystem.

📊 Holistic Analysis – tracking and attribution site actions is fundamental. Being able to analyze said actions from one agreed upon “source of truth” is critical. Every channel has their own bias and aim to attribute more purchase and revenue. By leveraging a GA4 event based tracking, you’re able to view and analyze actions taking by customers holistically across your site – informing smarter choices of where, when, and how you invest your marketing effort and dollars.

Nurturing, Engaging, Tracking, Analyzing. Now someone turn that into a marketing acronym and we’re set 😅 Happy scaling friends.