Lean On Your Collective Expertise

Is anyone else feeling like a ball of anxiety, wrapped in a firestorm, enveloped in a doom spiral? Not to be dramatic, but it feels good to let the dark thoughts out 😮‍💨

So here we go, inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8 – courtesy of our favorite mind-body ninjas at @op_e___n 🧘

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, our greatest strength and resource is each other. Applying this to how, and why, we werq – connecting the dots amongst strategy, creative, and media allows each to shine individually, and to collectively make our final output stronger 💪

Think about it this way – as advertisers, we’re in the business of communicating. So if one part isn’t speaking to the other, then how we can expect to get our message across effectively? It may sound simple, but we all know what a disconnected campaign looks and feels like 😵‍💫

In layman’s terms, remember goals are collective, so lean on your team, encourage feedback, and celebrate collaboration across expertise 🤝

Speak. Listen. Empathize. Repeat. 🔁