Agency, Not Included

⚡ Flashback to getting a toy as a kid and reading the dreaded words: “Batteries required, but not included.” And sometimes, the horror was further increased when we discovered our new device ALSO required one of those special, non-AA batteries that looked like some kind of tiny wafer…⠀ ⠀ ???? Well, developing a new brand is a lot like this tumultuous childhood experience. You might be very excited and seemingly have all the right pieces together, but there’s a missing piece: the right partner that will provide a final burst of energy to get your product to market.⠀ ⠀ ???? That’s where a nimble marketing agency with outside perspective and digital expertise comes into play. After all, “agency not included” was always in the brief ????⠀ ⠀ ???? So that begs the question – is your brand being powered by the right kind of battery?