Riding The Q4 Wave

It's Q4, and IYKYK...

Chances are you’re seeing your marketing costs on the rise. Fret not! You’re not alone. And even though as brands and advertisers we do this same dance every year, it never seems to get any easier. In fact, it feels like it’s starting earlier and earlier. Who else is feeling some performance anxiety? I swear we saw hints of Black Friday in August 🧐

All things considered, the best thing we can do with our clients and our teams is hold hands and move forward with aligned rationale. From our perspective, this looks like accepting certain realities and game planning accordingly 🤝

Regardless if you’re spending on purchase or reach, your costs will rise when inventory is being bought up and the market is being flooded ahead of holiday promotions. So what should you do? 💭

✅ Unlock incremental funds if they exist

✅ Move around spending and jump on less active weeks

✅ Re-establish Q4 benchmarks and align to what you’re willing to accept

Most of all – keep going. Even if your budgets are thin, we’re still living in a pay-to-play world. And your audience is spending even more time engaging online during this season. So you want to ensure you’re content is still seen, and your message is still heard. And remember, calmer times are around the corner – maybe Q1 2024 will be your time to shine ✨

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